Digital skills in schools as 'vital' as pupil literacy

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Image caption 'Digital pioneer' schools will help develop the approach along with higher education and industry

Pupils in Wales will have to show their digital skills across all subjects in schools by September 2016, the education minister has said.

Computer skills will have the same importance as literacy and numeracy for children of all ages, according to Huw Lewis.

It follows a curriculum review in March.

Mr Lewis called the issue "too vital for both our young people and our economy to delay".

A group of schools will become "digital pioneers" for the project.

The curriculum review's author Prof Graham Donaldson said pupils should be more than just "consumers" of new technology.

So-called "digital competency" involves being able to code and programme computers and skills need to go beyond IT lessons.

This is seen as important as reading and writing if young people are to be equipped for the technological challenges of the future and the demands of the workplace.

An independent review of IT in schools had earlier said computer science lessons needed to be made more relevant to now and the future.

There will be support for teacher development and training under the changes, which will affect pupils of all ages.

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