Campaign to save Dylan Thomas' apartment in New York's Hotel Chelsea

image copyrightPhil Pardoe
image captionThe interior of apartment 205 where Dylan Thomas fell into a coma days before his death

A battle is under way to save the apartment in New York's Hotel Chelsea where Dylan Thomas slipped into a coma just four days before he died.

Poet Thomas was staying in Apartment 205 in the renowned hotel before his death aged 39 on 9 November, 1953.

Now developers are about to refurbish the building which will affect the layout of the apartment.

Geoff Haden, who restored the poet's Swansea birthplace, is now appealing for help to stop the work going ahead.

Mr Haden is asking for people to show "financial and emotional support" to the apartment's current tenant Artie Nash.

image copyrightArthur Nash
image captionThe apartment's current resident Artie Nash is battling developers to save the apartment

He said Mr Nash has been battling against developers refurbishing the building for nearly a decade, but work is now due to start on the entrance to the apartment.

Mr Haden said: "Time is of the essence as the developers of Hotel Chelsea have told Artie that they are blocking up the doorway and tearing up parts of the apartment to make way for a maintenance stairwell.

"Not only is Artie desperately trying to preserve his own home, but also a small piece of literary heritage which is why we are taking on the campaign on both sides of the Atlantic."

image copyrightPhil Pardoe
image captionNew York's Hotel Chelsea has been home to numerous literary greats

Hotel Chelsea's colourful history

  • Dylan Thomas fell into a coma in apartment 205 four days before his death
  • Playwright Arthur Miller stayed in 614 after his break-up with Marilyn Monroe
  • Bob Dylan stayed up for days in 211 writing Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
  • Sid Vicious stabbed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, to death in 100
  • Leonard Cohen wrote Chelsea Hotel #2 there
  • The hotel has also been home to Andy Warhol, Mark Twain, Patti Smith and Janis Joplin

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