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Wobbly chick Roley gets leg splints to help her walk

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image captionOwner Faye Lennon named the chick Roley because she kept falling over

At two days old, newborn chick Roley could be forgiven for being a bit unsteady on her feet.

But after closer examination revealed she had damaged both legs breaking out of her egg, she has now been fitted with leg splints to keep her from falling over.

Merthyr animal lover Faye Lennon, 22, faced having to put the Peking Bantam chick to sleep if she could not walk.

But she worked with a vet to fit the braces which now keep her legs upright.

"Poor Roley couldn't stand up and she just kept rolling around which was quite comical but not much fun for her," she said.

"A lot of hen breeders put chicks down if they have splayed legs but she is way too cute for that."

image copyrightAthena
image copyrightAthena

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