Welsh wines clinked across world for New Year

Vines in Wales
Image caption Producers praised the good weather of 2014 for a good crop

More than half of the sparkling wine produced in Wales and England will be clinked across the world at midnight.

Cases of home grown bubbles, which make up 66% of the total wine production, are shipped to more than 13 countries.

Sales are predicted to be close to £100m next year, the UK government says, with the number of vineyards growing.

Richard Morris, who owns the Anchor Hill vineyard in Monmouthshire, praised the weather in 2014.

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Media captionVineyard owner Richard Morris told BBC Radio Wales the weather in 2014 was "brilliant" for the fruit

"It was a brilliant summer, a good spring and autumn as well," he told BBC Radio Wales.

"The quality of the fruit was brilliant - so high yields and top quality."

He added home grown wines were starting to compete against their better-known rivals on a price and quality perspective.

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