When the Nato summit came to south Wales

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Image caption The huge specially-commissioned table for the Nato summit at Celtic Manor

It takes something pretty unique for the word "Newport" to be trending in Cardiff on Twitter.

But the city had arrived when its larger neighbour was talking about it. The world of social media woke up early for the Nato summit.

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Image caption BBC political editor Nick Robinson was enjoying the sunrise
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Image caption One word and two signatures - quite a day for Mount Pleasant Primary School in Newport
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Image caption Welsh political leaders meet the president

The summit certainly kept Twitter busy and it might explain - apart from the 9,500 police officers, road blocks and security fencing - why the streets of the capital were generally quiet and people were staying at home, online.

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Image caption Tanks on the lawn - those golf buggies just got a whole lot bigger at the Celtic Manor

In Newport itself, the sight of armoured vehicles being displayed on the Celtic Manor golf course was a popular shared photo. Just think of the score if Europe had these in the Ryder Cup?

It was a demonstration of the high skills of the south Wales workforce who manufacture them, but the skills of those with Photoshop was also in evidence.

The summit also brought some unusual sights on the streets - and in the air - with Cardiff in particular not used to such a security operation. And there were also some special moments, not least for pupils at a primary school in Newport.

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Image caption A special visitor at Mount Pleasant Primary School
Image caption A protest march in Newport, some on four legs
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Image caption A long walk - Newport resident Ray and Scrappy waiting for the end of the protest
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Image caption Police patrolling the perimeter of the cordon in Newport
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Image caption A mobile police cordon being pushed into place
Image caption The cordon when it opened out looked like this
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Image caption They were able to spring up at different points
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Image caption Merseyside Police found a handy parking spot
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Image caption Police on duty - but the traffic was light here
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Image caption To go - these police in a Cardiff burger bar
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Image caption Channel view - HMS Duncan sails into dock at Cardiff Bay
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Image caption It was a tight squeeze, expertly piloted
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Image caption Cardiff University made a YouTube video taking 'President Obama' to places he might like to visit, if only he had more time

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