Lucy Owen's glimpse of how drinking could age her

BBC Wales presenter Lucy Owen has had a worrying glimpse of the future - if she was to become an habitual drinker.

She put a photo of herself into an app which predicts what she could look like in 10 years' time drinking 10 or more glasses of wine a week.

It was part of the research for a health special edition of the consumer programme X-Ray on BBC Wales.

And this was the result.

"I was totally shocked, I look horrific. It is definitely sobering to see the effect that drinking regularly can have on your appearance," said the presenter.

Monday's X-Ray also reveals just how little we know about the calories pumping through alcoholic drinks - and the impact that can have on our own health.

With the help of a dietician, the truth was laid bare for a darts team at the Cob and Pen pub in Rhyl.

They also got to try out the 'drinking mirror' app - before Lucy had a go.

"I couldn't believe that there roughly the same number of calories in two large glasses of wine as in a glass of single cream," she confessed.

"I try to eat healthily to avoid putting on weight, but I'd never really registered the wine calories before. I've definitely become more aware of that now."

The app used by Lucy and the pub darts team was initially used by the Scottish government in a campaign to get people to drink less last year.

The hour-long X-Ray Health Special which looks at stories from portion sizes and the calories in your lunch to eating healthily on a budget is broadcast on BBC One Wales at 19:00 BST on Monday, launching the Live Longer Wales season.

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