Tories gather in Llangollen

Is this the weekend when the Conservative compare and contrast strategy, or what Labour calls the war on Wales, reaches its peak?

Two things have come together.

First there is the incendiary prospect of the Health Secretary for England, Jeremy Hunt, opening the Welsh Conservatives annual conference in Llangollen.

No prizes what he's going to be talking about when he takes to the stage with the Conservative's spokesman on health at the Assembly Darren Millar.

Jeremy Hunt has been deeply critical of the state of the NHS in Wales compared with England.

Secondly, his appearance coincides with the publication of a report from the Nuffield Trust into the state of health services across the UK.

Its conclusion is that cuts in the NHS budget in Wales may have contributed to longer waiting times here than in England and Scotland.

But it also concludes that the gap between the NHS in England and the rest of the UK is narrowing and that there's little sign that one country is moving ahead of the others.

Wales' Health Minister Mark Drakeford has unsurprisingly picked up on the latter to say that it "shoots Mr Cameron's fox good and proper."

We'll see what the prime minister says when he arrives here in Llangollen later today.

I'm told he's not going to hold back on the NHS although frankly it's difficult to see how he can take things any further when he's already called the state of health services in Wales a scandal in Prime Minister's Questions.

We also know he's going to stress the economic recovery and Wales' role within that.

The most recent unemployment figures for Wales, which are now below the UK average, have been startling and he will look to take ownership of that recovery.

The prime minister has a balance to strike. Privately, some Conservatives in Wales are concerned about a strategy that could be considered too negative.

But he'll look to put that right by saying he's ambitious for Wales.

Sometimes tone can be as important as content. I'll give you an update later.