Children In Need: Carwyn Jones and Derek Brockway trade places

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Media captionIt seems some confuse Derek "the walking" weatherman for the country's most senior politician

In a memorable moment for this year's appeal, BBC Cymru Wales' weather presenter Derek Brockway, often mistaken for Carwyn Jones, finds out what it's like to be in charge.

Derek makes a surprise announcement at the Welsh government offices in front of journalists, promising a bright outlook for Wales while the first minister steps in to present the weather forecast.

"People think I look like the first minister but if I were his brother, I'd be the better-looking one," said Derek.

"I enjoyed my brief taste of power but, although you need a thick skin to be a weather presenter, I'm not sure I'm ready to run the country."

First Minister Carwyn Jones said: "I've been told that Derek and I look similar, with the opposition even commenting on this in the Senedd, but I can't see it myself. I'm definitely taller and slimmer.

"As Children in Need is such a good cause I thought letting Derek have a brief go at being first minister was the least I could do, but I don't think he should give up the day job just yet."

Children In Need starts at 19:30 GMT on BBC One Wales on Friday, 15 November.

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