Elvis joke made at Ed Miliband's expense by Alun Cairns MP

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Media captionHow Elvis was named in PMQs by a Conservative MP

Twice as many people think Elvis is alive than believe Labour's Ed Miliband is a natural leader, a Conservative MP has joked in the House of Commons.

Alun Cairns said a YouGov poll showed 2% of those interviewed thought the Labour leader was a natural leader.

The Vale of Glamorgan MP said this was half the percentage of people who believed Presley did not die aged 42 on August 16 1977.

He made the quip to David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions.

Mr Cairns asked Mr Cameron if the accuracy of statistics was vital to informing public debate.

He said: "Are you aware that 4% of the people believe that Elvis is still alive - double the number we hear today that think [Labour leader Ed Miliband] is a natural leader."

Mr Cameron replied: "Well, I can see you have certainly put your summer to very good use and I'm grateful for your question.

"Obviously you need to see a run of opinion polls before you can see a true trend."

The YouGov survey interviewed 1,978 British adults on 2 and 3 September.

In the same poll, 13% of people said they believed Mr Cameron was a natural leader while 3% thought the same of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Image caption Polls suggest more people think Elvis is still alive than believe Ed Miliband is a natural leader, Alun Cairns says

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