Swansea coastguards' equipment warning to boat owners

Coastguards in Swansea have issued a warning to boat owners after a busy Bank Holiday weekend so far.

On Sunday afternoon they were called out to help a man whose boat ran out of fuel and he managed to swim ashore.

Then he called for help a second time after the craft, which rescue teams said was not fit for purpose, broke down.

Coastguards also dealt with several missing children on beaches and people stuck in mud.

In the case of the broken down boat, the coastguard said the owner's flares were out of date and his handheld radio was out of battery.

'Spread your weight'

Swansea Coastguard watch manager, Dai Jones said: "We would like to remind the public that when on board pleasure craft, of any type, it is essential to have up to date safety equipment on board.

"Check weather conditions and ensure your communications equipment is functioning properly and that you know your location at all times."

Meanwhile, he said parents should ensure children were well supervised on beaches and agree a meeting point in case they become disorientated.

Mr Jones added: "If you become stuck in the mud, try and spread your weight as much as possible. If you have a mobile, dial 999 and ask for the coastguard. Avoid moving around and stay calm."

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