Operation Anvil: 21 arrests in Swansea crime raids

Police have arrested 21 people across eastern Swansea in an operation to crack down on drug suppliers, car thefts, assault and burglary.

Officers used search warrants at addresses in the Morriston and Eastside areas as part of Operation Anvil.

Three people were arrested for possessing Class A drugs and one for possession with intent to supply at Morriston snooker club.

The club has had its alcohol licence revoked following the raid.

It brings the total of arrests as part of Operation Anvil to 195, since it was launched in April 2012.

South Wales Police's Inspector Mark Lenihan said: "Once again this operation has been a significant success and the fact that local residents observe our officers taking action against those individuals and working with partners to provide advice and reassurance will provide them with a great deal of satisfaction."