Swansea measles: Tests on Gareth Colfer-Williams death 'inconclusive'

Gareth Williams
Image caption Further tests are being carried out to find out the cause of Gareth Williams' death

Further tests will be carried out on a man who died while suffering from measles after post-mortem examination results were inconclusive.

Gareth Colfer-Williams, 25, died last week at his home in Swansea, the city at the centre of an epidemic of the disease which has reached 942 cases.

But the examination was unable to establish whether measles was the main cause of his death.

An inquest will be opened and adjourned on Tuesday to allow further tests.

Since the outbreak began in November, 83 people have needed hospital treatment for the illness.

Mr Colfer-Williams' mother, Angela Colfer said her son had recently been treated at Swansea's Morriston Hospital for asthma.

A few days after he was discharged he became unwell and developed a rash.

Mrs Colfer said her son went to see an out-of-hours GP on 17 April with a rash "from head to foot" but not on his arms.

The following morning, Mr Colfer-Williams was found dead at his flat.

Public Health Wales said on Friday that laboratory tests confirmed a diagnosis of measles but further tests were needed to determine the cause of death.

The family said they had no idea how Mr Colfer-Williams got measles as no close family member has it, including his three-year-old daughter who has been vaccinated.

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