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In pictures: World War I cartoonist JM Staniforth

image captionThe 'traditional and patriotic style' of Western Mail's cartoonist JM Staniforth came into its own during World War I. Prof Chris Williams of Swansea University is hoping to digitise about 1,300 examples of his work from the war with the help of a £70,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
image captionDame Wales was a stock character for "JMS", here in 1915 depicting the growth of the Welsh Guards battalion.
image captionIn this cartoon - Better Late Than Never, 7 February 1918 - Dame Wales reads "of the glorious deeds done by her brave sons at the front".
image captionThis cartoon - Oiling the Machine, 2 May 1915 - celebrates Lloyd George as Minister of Munitions.
image captionBritannia Still Rules the Waves, 6 June 1916, refers to the battle of Jutland. The largest naval battle of the war took place in the North Sea, and was fought by the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet and the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet.
image captionThe Pied Piper of Criccieth - 22 September 1914 - referred to Lloyd George's call for the formation of a Welsh army.
image captionThis cartoon, on 16 November 1914, referred to Lloyd George as Chancellor following a supplementary vote of credit for £225m.
image captionThe caption on this cartoon, dated 28 August 1914, read: "Oh, they'll get plenty of recruits without us, Ted." It followed a call for voluntary enlistment.