Cardiff's development plan: Experts' viewpoint

Cardiff Council is set to vote on plans for the largest expansion of the city since the 1950s.

If it is approved, the number of homes in Cardiff will rise by a quarter over the next 14 years.

Here are some different viewpoints from the city:

Nigel Roberts, managing director of The Paramount Group

Image caption Nigel Roberts welcomes ambition

This is the capital city of Wales and we've actually had to wait about eight years for this LDP. This planning policy framework is desperately needed.

I welcome the development. We definitely need a bit of ambition. I'm quite pleased to see this administration at least bring the preferred strategy brought forward on to the table so we can at least see some signs of this moving forward.

If you look at London, public transport there is the transport of choice. What you can't do is just force people out of their cars unless there is a plausible alternative. So on the transport side I would like to see far more ambition than just putting in a few more bus lanes.

I think this generation needs to up its game and actually start building and we need this to start happening now.

Adrian Robson - Independent councillor

Image caption Adrian Robson wonders whether the plan is 'realistic'

I've got some concerns over the actual level of growth that's being proposed - this figure of 45,000-odd new homes. I wonder whether it is actually realistic and achievable.

My concern is that if we have a figure that's too high and not going to be met in this planned period then we're at risk of allocating land for development which won't actually be built upon.

Not enough is being done about transport. The plan predominately focuses on new key bus routes but they have to be managed and effective and use.

We need to think outside the box and bus lanes only work so far. I'm pleased to hear about the proposal for a new train station but we need to look at how the rail links work. Cardiff has very good railways but they don't really go to where these new sites are going to be.

Chris Sutton - property consultant

Image caption Chris Sutton said the plan sets out the future prosperity of Cardiff

This is very important, it's a blueprint for the development and growth of the area. I think business and all the inhabitants in the city need to look at that because it sets out the way forward. It sets out the future prosperity of the city and looks towards where to growth areas of the city should be, where the shopping should be, where employment goes to - and the thorny question of housing.

I think this reflects the reality that Cardiff is the central growth of the city region. Across the world there is now a focus on growth of the city rather than a spread of prosperity across a wider area.

I think you will see a significant number in the lower valleys and within Cardiff you will see a mixture of greenfield sites and also brownfield sites.

I think that's a really difficult area, because if you look at some of the existing roads within the city there are real choke points but then look at the rail network - you've got half the population of Cardiff disenfranchised because there isn't a local station.

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