Ex-MP Lembit Opik 'black and blue' after wrestling bout

Ex-MP Lembit Opik has admitted he is feeling bruised and battered after his latest attempt at entertainment - in the wrestling ring.

Opik, who lost his Montgomeryshire seat in the 2010 general election, contested a bout against professional fighter Kade Callous, in Welshpool.

According to the promoter, Opik lasted about two minutes in the ring.

Opik said: "I had a black and blue weekend rather than a red, white and blue one"

The former Liberal Democrat MP turned celebrity was checked over by St John's Ambulance volunteers after the bout at a packed Welshpool town hall was stopped on Saturday night.

He said he is not sure whether he would go into the ring again after the bout which left him bruised, possibly cracked ribs and a sore back and left arm.

He was challenged to the fight after he got dragged into the ring, still in a suit, in a Opik's 'black and blue' jubilee similar contest in April

After Saturday's bruising encounter he said: "I was pretty lucky in retrospect. What I underestimated was the full force thrown at me but I fulfilled my commitment." He said he used to do judo as a child.

Opik, who did not want to go to hospital after the match, said he would consider his options about the future and may talk to the promoter

Image caption On the floor.. Lembit Opik in the wrestling bout at Welshpool

"It was my fault I was in the ring, St John checked me out and I really badly winded but probably hadn't broken anything and I didn't want to go to hospital."

Alan Ravenhill, promoter for Kade Callous, the wrestler who lives in Cardiff, said Opik was "pretty hurt."

"There were lashes and cuts all over him," he told BBC Wales.

"We had to abandon the match after only a couple of minutes".

Later he apologised to Mr Opik, on Twitter, saying "a line was unfortunately crossed."

Since being defeated as MP for Montgomeryshire in 2010 after 13 years at Westminster, Opik has tried his hand at varying forms of popular entertainment, including stand up comedy and appearing in a pop video.

Never far from the headlines, the former politician was a regular panellist on TV chat shows and had a relationship with one half of the pop duo The Cheeky Girls.

But despite his cuts and bruises from his latest venture, Opik, who used to do judo as a child, said he would consider his options about the future and may talk to the promoter about a rematch.

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