Police chief Tal Michael seeks commissioner nomination

Tal Michael
Image caption Tal Michael says the role of the commissioner is to be a bridge between communities and the police

The chief executive of North Wales Police Authority has resigned so he can stand for the election to become the area's first police and crime commissioner.

Tal Michael has put himself forward to be nominated as a Labour candidate for the £70,000-a-year post.

His father Alun, the MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, and and former Welsh Secretary and First Minister, is standing for the post in south Wales.

Elections take place on 15 November.

The new commissioners will replace the existing police authorities after the elections.

Labour will field candidates in all four Welsh force areas.

Llandudno businessman Richard Hibbs has also announced he will stand for the police commissioner's role in the north as an independent candidate.

Tal Michael said he had spent time thinking about how the new system would work before deciding to put his name forward for nomination.

"The role of the commissioner is to be a bridge between communities and the police," he said.


"That means listening to both sides and, where necessary, translating.

"The focus provided by a highly visible, directly elected commissioner will require a careful balancing act - being responsive while also respecting operational independence."

In his resignation letter to the police authority, he added: "Although the role of chief executive will in theory continue, it makes more sense to think of the role of commissioner as a combination of chair and chief executive, with a higher public profile.

"I had therefore concluded that I would probably want to leave soon after the commissioner is elected.

"I have now come to the conclusion that it would be better to use my skills and experience to undertake the role myself."

Although being introduced by their coalition UK government with the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats say elected police commissioners are not party policy.

Welsh Lib Dem members standing as candidates will not receive party funding.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Conservatives are still considering their position on fielding candidates.

The elections will create police and crime commissioners in 41 force areas of England and Wales, outside London.

Duties will include setting priorities for the force, overseeing its budget and hiring the chief constable.

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