Cardiff scrap metal and tyres fire is tackled

Fire crews have been dealing with a blaze at an industrial site in the east of Cardiff.

South Wales Fire Service said 150 tonnes of scrap metal and tyres were on fire in the Rover Way area.

Huge plumes of smoke could be seen across the city on Sunday morning after the fire at European Metal Recycling in Dowlais Wharf.

Richard Prendergast of South Wales Fire Service said the fire was believed to be "accidental".

Crews from Cardiff Central, Ely, Whitchurch and Roath attended the blaze and the fire service expect to be there until later this evening.

Richard Prendergast of South Wales Fire Service said: "It's created a large smoke plume and because of the fast winds today it's carried across the city.

"We've been in touch with the Health Protection Agency and the Environmental Agency are on site.

"Given the wind speeds the smoke will be visible but given the dilution rate in the atmosphere surrounding the fire it shouldn't cause a specific issue for residents. "

"They targeted the tyres first to ensure any issues with air quality were dealt with.

"A hazardous material environmental protection officer is en-route to site to carry out a full site risk assessment.

"As well as considering any impact on air quality they want to consider any effect of any water run off from the site into the Bay and the wildlife. "

"It is believed that this is an accidental fire given that the security is tight on the site."