Speeding policeman Sgt Craig Jones loses appeal

A North Wales Police officer has failed to overturn a conviction for driving at almost 100mph in a 50mph zone.

Sgt Craig Nicholas Jones argued he was wrongly convicted by magistrates as the lights in two 50mph signs on the A55 at Old Colwyn, Conwy, had failed.

But judges at the High Court in London said the signs would have been visible in the unmarked police car's headlights.

The 90-day driving ban imposed by magistrates has now been re-instated.

Sgt Jones was on duty when his vehicle was clocked doing 98mph on the road between Llanddulas and Colwyn Bay on 1 April, 2009, the court heard.

Sgt Jones's lawyers argued that as the internal lights on the two 50mph signs were not working, he should have been cleared at magistrates' court.

His lawyers said there was a "clear and settled policy" at the time not to enforce the speed limit while the signs were not working as they should.

'Clearly visible'

But Mr Justice Charles and Mr Justice Wyn Williams said that "right thinking people" would have concluded that a decision not to prosecute Sgt Jones would have brought the administration of justice "into disrepute".

The two judges added that despite the broken lights, the signs were "correctly positioned and complied completely with the relevant regulations".

Dismissing the police officer's appeal, the judges said the signs were "clearly visible" in the car's headlights and it was established law that "minor breaches of the regulations did not impact on the legality and enforceability of the speed limit".

Sgt Jones had his appeal dismissed.

The 90-day driving ban originally imposed at Llandudno Magistrates' Court in December 2009, but suspended pending the High Court appeal, will now take effect on 31 January.

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