People's Assembly 2011

South Wales East

As Wales prepares for the referendum on more powers for the assembly on 3 March, the BBC has put together the People's Assembly.

It is a group of 60 voters who will help us show how the campaign is playing out in their communities.

Many of them will be giving their views on the BBC Wales news website, TV and radio ahead of the referendum in a few weeks time.

The 60 people from up and down Wales responded to an appeal asking people to make their opinions heard ahead of polling day.

Here, you can meet members of the group from the South Wales East electoral region.

Age Home Job Issues
Amit Kris Patel Amit Kris Patel



Shop owner

Kris runs his own shop, which opens at 0400 GMT to catch the passing trade. He wants to see Wales benefit from more investment in its infra-structure - like England. He was brought up in London and moved around before buying his business.

Caroline Duchet Caroline Duchet


Former children's worker and running own business

Caroline says she wants to see local communities having more of a say in their own affairs. Other issues for her are a fairer taxation system and voting system. She says she wants to hear more from the Yes and No camps in the Referendum campaign. She feels voting is a privilege and believes everyone should exercise their vote and thinks politicians and public officials should be reminded that it is the public's money they are spending on our behalf.

Joe Molloy Joe Molloy



Mental health charity

Joe is interested in anything that impacts on the individual and the family, such as poor housing. He has worked hard with a team creating a garden for his daughter's former nursery and would like to see initiatives that help the individual to have responsibility for their own health, well being and self determination.

Mark Price Mark Price



Head of Alternative Curriculum

Mark is the head of Alternative Curriculum for Newport High School so school funding is an issue for him. He questions some of the assembly's work - and whether there is a "focused" approach. He is a member of folk punk disco band.

Clive James Clive James




Clive has taught adults in the workplace for 20 years and is a keen runner. Since retiring, Clive has more time to devote to other things. He likes to volunteer in his local community by helping with training new police recruits and litter-picking.

Leanne Phillips Leanne Phillips




Leanne works as accountant in the family's haulage business which is sadly closing after more than 100 years. She is against free prescriptions and thinks students should pay some fees but not the higher rate. Leanne is also keen on the 'Big Society' idea, where individuals are empowered in their own communities, but is critical of what she calls "benefit culture".

Gareth Protheroe Gareth Protheroe



Retired teacher

Gareth is not happy about the half-way house that exists in Cardiff Bay at the moment but is also a little bit suspicious about the Welsh assembly having more powers. He voted against the creation of the assembly in 1997. He thinks coalitions blend extremes and could be the way forward.

Tony Gambarini Tony Gambarini



Restaurant owner

Tony feels there is not enough done to help people like him who employ local people. He meets up regularly with other Italian families from south Wales, who have also carved out businesses in the south Wales valleys.

Roy Purnell Roy Purnell


Llanfoist, Abergavenny

Part-time tutor for Open University

Roy is strongly against law-making powers for Wales and would like to see the assembly abolished. He is involved in his local villagers' association - which saw the founding of a new hall in recent years.

Anne Hoyal Anne Hoyal




Anne is interested in how Wales is perceived as a nation in the rest of Europe and how its profile can be raised. She was a modern language teacher and is a fluent Welsh speaker. She has weekly meetings with a group of Welsh learners where she lives. Her other interests are gardening, the environment and singing.

David Davies David Davies


Merthyr Tydfil

Occupational therapist

David is keen on health issues, which stems from his job as an occupational therapist. He says the NHS is very important to him and should be protected. David said he wonders about the affordability of free prescriptions in the face of possible future cuts. David served in the forces, later took qualifications at night school and that eventually took him to Cardiff University.

Jake Shyne Jake Shyne


Llandevaud, near Newport


Jake will vote for the first time this year. He is studying for his A- levels and keen to go on to university and study international management. Jake says he agrees with tuition fees given the current economic climate but feels more should be done to help students from lower income families - possibly with bursary help. He is most interested in education and reforms to try make sure everyone gets a good deal.

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