People's Assembly 2011

South Wales Central region

As Wales prepares for the referendum on more powers for the assembly on 3 March, the BBC has put together the People's Assembly.

It is a group of 60 voters who will help us show how the campaign is playing out in their communities.

Many of them will be giving their views on the BBC Wales news website, TV and radio ahead of the referendum in a few weeks time.

The 60 people from up and down Wales responded to an appeal asking people to make their opinions heard ahead of polling day.

Here, you can meet members of the group from the South Wales Central electoral region.

Age Home Job Issues
Rebecca Wasinski Rebecca Wasinski



Child protection campaigner

Rebecca is the campaign manager for Stop it Now! Wales, which aims to end sexual abuse against children. She enjoys following assembly members on sites such a Twitter, but isn't sure what effect more legislative powers in the assembly would have on her core interests, social justice, the National Health Service and the protection of children.

Lynette Spragg Lynette Spragg



University administrator

Currently on maternity leave with her first child, she is an active campaigner against the closure of the Llandough Hospital maternity unit. She enjoys singing with the Barry Choral Society.

Sian Fox Sian Fox



Delicatessen owner

Sian has owned her coffee shop in the Vale of Glamorgan for eight years, and feels that the changing economic climate has provided plenty of hurdles for her along the way. She feels that large multinational companies too often dominate smaller businesses. Children's eating habits are also a key concern for her; her company has started providing school meals to a local private school, a scheme she hopes to expand.

Peter Southern Peter Southern



Former garage owner

Peter feels disillusioned by a decade of devolution in Wales and does not support more powers for the Welsh Assembly. He would love the opportunity to ask a politician in Cardiff Bay what good the assembly has done for the people of Wales.

Aled Hughes Aled Hughes



Welsh tutor for adults

Aled is concerned by the level of influence he says Europe has over UK affairs. He isn't sure what impact more legislative powers for the assembly will have. Aled is an occasional extra on Welsh TV dramas. He feels there is a negative attitude towards the Welsh-language in some Welsh media.

Malcolm Hackman Malcolm Hackman



Owns a printing company

Malcolm's Rhondda-based printing company, like many other manufacturing businesses in Wales, has found times tough over the past few years. He feels the high level of bureaucracy faced by independent business-owners is a hindrance, and often risks strangling entrepreneurship in Wales. Healthcare is also a key issue for him; he strongly opposes mixed-sex wards in hospitals.

Michael Jones Michael Jones



Retired lecturer

Passionate about community theatre, Michael helped write a play to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tonypandy riots last year. He is currently campaigning against funding-cuts faced by a long-established theatre company in his native Rhondda. He would like to see to see an improvement in the standard of political debate in Cardiff Bay.

Hannah Griffiths Hannah Griffiths




Hannah interviews contributors for a local online youth magazine in her spare time, which she feels is an important way of improving the image of young people in the media. She 'cannot wait' to cast her vote for the first time this year. She is a first-year law undergraduate, and thinks the increase in tuition fees in England might be a good way of deterring students from dropping out of university so easily.

Abdul-Azim Ahmed Abdul-Azim Ahmed



Postgraduate student

A blogger on faith issues, Abdul-Azim believes that Wales in an excellent example of a multicultural society, and feels that a wide variety of communities have come together and found common ground in Welsh life. He plays rugby at weekends and volunteers for several organisations, including the Muslim Council of Wales.

Elizabeth John Elizabeth John



Farm manager

As manager of an educational farm trust in the Vale of Glamorgan, Elizabeth feels farm-life can offer an excellent skills-set to young people who struggle in mainstream education. Bovine TB brought her family farm in Llantrisant to a standstill last year, but she feels the Assembly has treated the agriculture sector well. She is a fluent Welsh speaker and an avid rugby fan.

Roz Richards Roz Richards



Fitness instructor

A former 800m track athlete, Roz is an actress and a self-employed business woman. As a personal trainer, she is particularly concerned about the levels of obesity among children in Wales. She believes that health education in Welsh schools should be improved.

Lynda Corré Lynda Corré



Campaigner for the rights of older people

Having spent her working life trying to increase older people's participation in society, Lynda still feels passionate about ensuring that their voices are heard. She doesn't like the way older people are portrayed in society - from road-signs to the mainstream media. She is passionate about protecting the environment and feels uneasy about the upheavals in British politics over the past year.

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