Builder killed himself while depressed, inquest hears

A builder killed himself with a nailgun because of depression caused by financial difficulties, an inquest has heard.

Clifford Crawley, 51, was found unconscious by a friend at a house he was renovating in Newport. He was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Mr Crawley had struggled to find work and had experienced money troubles as a result, the Newport inquest heard.

Verdict: Mr Crawley killed himself while he was depressed.

Coroner David Bowen said a postmortem examination revealed that Mr Crawley had died of "a nail shot wound to his head".

The inquest heard the self-employed builder was a hardworking, quiet man, who had a large circle of friends.

But his partner of 14 years told the inquest that Mr Crawley had struggled to find work in the four years leading up to his death and that he experienced financial difficulties as a result.

In a statement read out at the inquest, friend Darren Goddard described Mr Crawley as "a hard worker, quite quiet, with a large circle of friends."

He said he had been helping Mr Crawley to renovate a two story, three-bedroomed property on Ronald Road in Newport last August.

Mr Goddard said he had gone to the house on 30 August and heard snoring upstairs and saw "Cliff" in an airing cupboard asleep with an orange nailgun at his feet.

'Financial difficulties'

He described shaking Mr Crawley because he thought he was asleep before going off to do some more work, the inquest heard.

Mr Goddard said he left the house for a while but when he returned he found "Cliff in the same position, pale, with blood on his head".

Mr Goddard called 999 and tried to give Mr Crawley first aid until the ambulance arrived, the inquest heard.

The inquest was told how Mr Crawley had written four letters to members of his family, which were discovered after his death.

Newport coroner David Bowen concluded that Mr Crawley "intentionally took his own life" while he was depressed.

Mr Bowen said Mr Crawley was in "dire financial difficulties" and had been trying to save up enough money to declare himself bankrupt.

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