Wales' budget: Your reaction


Welsh ministers have chosen to spread the pain of 10% real terms budget cuts over the next three years across departments.

The draft budget outlines spending plans for services such as health, education and local government.

BBC News website readers in Wales have been giving their verdicts on the proposals.

Your comments

Will this mean the much needed Newtown by-pass will be put on hold or scrapped altogether? Andrew Wassall, Llanwnog, Nr Caersws, Powys

The best saving for Wales would arise from the abolition of the ineffective and unnecessary Assembly and all its works and returning to the Westminster fold. As things stand at the moment, we give the impression of being England's poor relation, whining every time the begging bowl is not filled to the brim by the UK government. The Welsh Assembly is Wales' disgrace. T.S.Bradshaw, Llandeiniolen, Gwynedd

Protecting health and education may be popular, but only a complete idiot would cut economic development and infrastructure spending just at the point when the private sector is needed to create new jobs. Tim Watkins, Cardiff

Get rid of breakfast clubs - what a waste of money when it could be put to better use in schools. It's another way of parents palming their kids off early and not because all parents have to be in work. How do they manage on weekends and holidays? They have to feed them then! I think, like for school meals, some parents should have to pay for breakfast clubs. I bet parents wouldn't abuse it then. Elizabeth, Cardiff

With job freezes already in many departments across NHS Wales I really fear for frontline staff and those not fortunate enough to be on permanent contracts. This budget will see staff in the NHS unable to further develop themselves and therefore the service they work in. David Turner, Cardiff

If we didn't have to pay for the useless Welsh assembly, think how much further the available money would go. Steve Henderson, Holyhead, Anglesey