Covid in Scotland: Dundee cultural recovery fund raises £1m

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The fundraising campaign was led by V&A Dundee

Five of Dundee's biggest cultural organisations will share a £1m fund to help with the financial impact of the pandemic.

The Dundee Cultural Recovery fund was launched last August with a £500,000 match funding pledge from the Northwood Charitable Trust.

The remainder of the money has come from other trusts and private and public donors.

The fundraising campaign was led by V&A Dundee.

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Dundee Contemporary Arts will reopen with an exhibition by artist Emma Talbot

The money will be shared between Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee Heritage Trust, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee Science Centre, and V&A Dundee.

Four organisations will receive £190,000, with V&A Dundee receiving £240,000, as one donor requested that their £50,000 went directly to the design museum.

The £50,000 match funding for this donation will be divided between all five organisations.

'Truly unique campaign'

V&A chairman Tim Allan said the initiative was a "truly unique campaign."

He said: "A group of like-minded organisations came together to harness the generosity of private individuals and trusts to support the delivery of world-class culture for the citizens of Dundee, visitors, and globally through our online programmes.

"It was important that V&A Dundee utilised its resources and skills during the pandemic to lead this fundraising and it has been a huge success."

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Dundee Rep's Smile currently features on its digital platform Rep Studios

V&A Dundee will reopen on 1 May with its new exhibition Night Fever: Designing Club Culture.

Dundee Contemporary Arts will stage a major exhibition of new work by British artist Emma Talbot when it reopens on 28 April.

Discovery Point, which reopens on 10 May, will feature a quayside pirate exhibition from 28 May, and Verdant Works will reopen on 28 May with the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry.

Both organisations are run by Dundee Heritage Trust.

Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre recently launched Rep Studios, a digital platform for their productions, including 2020's acclaimed Smile.

Dundee Science Centre will reopen to school visits on 17 May, and reopen to the public on 26 June.