Engine ice a factor in plane veering off runway at Perth Airport

Image source, Geograph/Mike Pennington
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The pilot decide to make a precautionary landing shortly after taking off at Perth Airport

A plane's landing gear collapsed and its propeller hit the ground after veering off the runway at Perth Airport, a report has revealed.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) said the pilot decided to carry out a precautionary landing after the plane's power fluctuated.

The power increased as it approached the runway, causing the plane to yaw left, which the pilot tried to correct.

The AAIB said that icing was a possible reason for the power reduction.

The report said the 34-year-old pilot took off in the Jodel D120 light aircraft at 11:00 on 19 June.

It said that the engine lost power during the takeoff but it returned at 1,000ft.

After deciding to make a precautionary landing the plane's power surged again.

The report said: "At approximately 10 ft above the runway, engine rpm increased and the aircraft yawed left.

"The pilot attempted to correct the left yaw by applying right rudder, at which point the aircraft touched down and veered right.

"It departed the right side of the runway and the landing gear collapsed, which caused the propeller to strike the ground before the aircraft came to rest."