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Andy Murray's Olympic gold post box hit by car in Dunblane

Gold post box knocked down Image copyright Bennets Butchers

The gold post box that commemorates Andy Murray's Olympic medal win has been knocked down by a car.

A silver Mercedes rolled down the hill into the post box, according to local resident Graham Fleming, who saw the aftermath.

He added the car appeared to have just missed a group of teenagers sitting on a bench less than a metre away.

The post box, in Dunblane, was painted after the Olympic tennis champion's singles win over Roger Federer in 2012.

Police Scotland confirmed they attended the "low speed collision" and that the female driver of the car had sustained a minor injury but did not require medical treatment.

It was unclear whether the woman was in the car at the time or not.

Image copyright Bennet's Butchers

Graham Fleming, the owner of Dunblane's Bennet's Butchers, lives next to the post box. He heard the crash from his lounge, and went to look from his window.

He told the BBC Scotland news website: "I heard a massive thud... I looked out the window and there was a load of kids there who had been sitting on the chair beside the post box.

"Literally the park bench they were sitting on was less than one metre away from post box."

He added that he thought they would have seen the car coming and that none of the people on the pavement appeared to have been hurt.

Mr Fleming said: "A woman came down and drove the car away about a minute later... I think she was a bit embarrassed.

"She parked the car a few metres away and waited for the police."

Mr Fleming added that Royal Mail had later emptied the letters from the post box.

The tennis star's mother Judy Murray tweeted her reaction in two words: "Oh no".

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: "We're very pleased to confirm that Sir Andy Murray's gold post box has been successfully reinstated this afternoon.

"All mail was collected safely and the post box will be operational again from tomorrow [Wednesday]."

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed they had been called to Dunblane's High Street at about 19:50 and that they were making inquiries into the circumstances of the collision.

Image caption On Tuesday the post box was pictured on its side, surrounded by traffic cones

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