Perth knife killer to be held at State Hospital

Rafal RymarkiewiczImage source, Vic Rodrick
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Rafal Rymarkiewicz died in hospital a day after being attacked

A 20-year-old man who stabbed a friend to death has been detained at the State Hospital to give psychiatrists more time to examine his mental state.

Jacub Kmieciak attacked fellow Polish national Rafal Rymarkiewicz at a flat in Perth on 23 December 2017.

Mr Rymarkiewicz, 34, was so severely injured that he died in Ninewells Hospital the next day.

Kmieciak was charged with murder but pleaded to guilty culpable homicide.

The prosecution has not yet revealed the circumstances of the crime.

Kmieciak was made the subject of an interim compulsion order under which he was detained at the State Hospital in Carstairs.

He was due to be sentenced by Lord Burns at the High Court in Livingston on Monday when a preliminary medical report was presented to the judge.

The court was told that doctors had recommended an extension of the order to allow further steps to be taken regarding the possibility of reintegrating him into the prison system.

Lord Burns adjourned the case until 7 May when a more detailed medical report on treatment options will be made available for the court.