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Man threw bleach over pregnant girlfriend in Dundee

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Image caption The incident happened in Greenlee Drive, Dundee

A Dundee man has been jailed after pouring bleach over his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Neil Barclay told police he had only thrown water over Joanne McKillop when she had returned to his home to collect her clothes.

But her skin was "bubbling and burning" after the attack in Greenlee Drive, Dundee, in June last year.

Barclay, 41, has been sentenced to 27 months in prison.

Dundee Sheriff court heard that police found Miss McKillop covered in liquid and smelling of bleach.

Her black top was splattered in orange patches where the liquid had made contact with her T-shirt.

At the time she was 11 weeks pregnant - though Barclay had not yet been told.

Fiscal depute Saima Rasheed said that Miss McKillop had asked for police assistance in going to Barclay's house to retrieve her clothes - but was told nobody could attend immediately.

Half an hour later she attended herself - and saw Barclay leaning out of a bathroom window directly above her, holding a pink bottle of bleach.

Miss Rasheed said: "He proceeded to squeeze the contents onto her.

"She put her head down and the bleach hit her on the back of the head and ran down her arms, legs and back."

'Burning sensation'

She added: "It began to bubble on her skin and she ran to a neighbour and banged the door.

"She ran past him when he answered and into the bathroom in order to wash the bleach off her skin in the shower.

"The accused then phoned 999 saying she was banging on the door and told the call handler: 'I threw water over her to tell you the truth.'"

The court heard the victim's fake tan had been removed in patches where the bleach had hit her skin.

While statements were being taken she complained of still being uncomfortable due to a "burning sensation" on her skin and had to go to shower again.

Barclay, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault to injury.

Defence solicitor John Boyle said Barclay felt "disgust and shame" for the attack.

He said: "The complainer has attended to see him on a number of occasions at Perth prison.

"He's clearly spent a significant amount of time thinking about his behaviour and has expressed those thoughts to the complainer and indeed me."

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