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Soldier cleared of rape ordered to pay £100,000 in civil case

A soldier cleared of rape has been ordered to pay his alleged victim more than £100,000 in a civil case.

Sean Diamond, 24, had stood trial for allegedly raping a woman while she slept in a Dundee flat in July 2015.

A jury at the High Court in Edinburgh found the case not proven in October.

A civil action for damages was granted by a Dundee sheriff after the claim was not defended by Mr Diamond, who has since said this was due to an oversight and that he plans to defend the action.

Lawyers acting for Mr Diamond said that he had failed to lodge defences in time.

'Turbulent journey'

He continues to deny the rape allegations and has now instructed Balfour and Manson to make an application to the court to recall the decree.

Mr Diamond was based in Leuchars at the time of the alleged crime.

He is now serving with the Queen's Dragoon Guards based at Robertson Barracks in Dereham, Norfolk.

The woman was granted £100,000 with interest.

She told BBC Scotland: "For me, it was absolutely heartbreaking, gut wrenching, the worst thing I could ever have imagined.

"I felt like the worst thing had already happened and then to hear the not proven verdict just multiplied what had already happened to an even more extreme level.

"I'm somebody that's normally very upbeat - a bubbly, happy person and I became almost a prisoner in my own head.

"Over time I've been able to repair myself and move forward. However, it has been a very turbulent journey."

She added: "For me it's not about the money, nothing's ever going to make that situation go away."

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