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Man jailed for raping woman on 18th birthday

A pensioner who raped a woman on her 18th birthday and sexually abused two young children has been jailed.

Peter Watson, 69, of Alloa, carried out the rape more than 39 years ago and the sexual abuse more than 20 years ago.

His crimes only emerged after two of his victims met by chance at a wedding years later.

Jailing him for eight years and three months, judge Lady Rae called the abuse an "appalling catalogue of crime".

Prosecutor Lynsey MacDonald told the High Court in Glasgow that the rape had taken place in 1978 when Watson was 30 years old.

'Disorientated and confused'

She said: "The complainer went out with friends to celebrate her birthday. She ended up back at the accused's house and fell asleep, fully dressed, on the couch in the living room.

"During the night the accused came into the room and removed her trousers and underwear. She woke up disorientated and confused."

The court heard that she told Watson to stop, but he continued raping her for another five to 10 minutes.

Ms MacDonald said: "The woman had never previously had sexual intercourse with anyone. She did not tell anyone what had happened."

Years later, she met another of his victims at a wedding, who told her how Watson had abused her.

After the meeting, the other woman, who is now 49, went to the police to say she had been indecently assaulted by Watson when he was babysitting her.

'Wrong bedroom'

The woman, who was aged five or six at the time, said Watson got into bed with her and began touching her.

This only stopped when he heard other adults returning to the house and got up, telling the child: "I'm in the wrong bedroom."

Another victim also came forward to say Watson had indecently assaulted her when she was aged between nine and 14.

The prosecutor told the court: "He would go into her bedroom dressed only in boxer shorts. He would tell her to shush and then touch."

Watson, a first offender, admitted the sexual abuse offences, which were committed between 1982 and 1992.

Placing him on the sex offenders register, judge Lady Rae said: "This is an appalling catalogue of crime.

"You raped a young woman on her 18th birthday and some years later you went on to seriously abuse young children.

"Such offences could have a life-changing impact on children and a young woman. It beggars belief what you have done."

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