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Nursery must improve hygiene and training

A nursery in Perth has been told it must make "swift improvements" to the care provided to children.

The Care Inspectorate has served a formal improvement notice on Little Einstein's nursery after an inspection raised concerns.

The notice called for the nursery to be thoroughly cleaned and for the playrooms to be reorganised.

It also called for it to ensure all staff were properly trained in child protection.

The Care Inspectorate said managers must "put in place and implement a system for cleaning the nursery in order to ensure that it consistently remains in a clean and hygienic state".

They must also "put in place and implement robust and consistent infection control practices to keep children safe and minimise risk of illness and infection to children".

By 30 August, the nursery must ensure all staff receive training in child protection relevant to their role and are able to demonstrate they have the skills and knowledge to protect children from harm.

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said: "This improvement notice clearly lays out the areas which require swift improvement, so that children are protected and the care they receive is of a standard they have right to expect.

"We will work closely with this nursery to support improvement and check on progress.

"If we are not satisfied that swift and sustained progress is being made to address these issues, we will not hesitate to take further action."

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