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High-wire team give Kelpies their first health check

Three men inspecting Kelpies Image copyright PA

The world's largest pair of equine sculptures are being given their first health check as they approach their third birthday.

The Kelpies, located between Falkirk and Grangemouth, have been inspected by a unique high-wire team.

They have the task of grooming their "coats" and checking their teeth.

The Andy Scott-designed sculptures are now undergoing a full internal and external inspection as part of an eight-week project.

Cranes next to Kelpies Image copyright PA
Man inspects eye of Kelpie Image copyright PA

Tours inside the 30-metre steel horses, which tower over the Forth & Clyde Canal, will continue throughout the high-flying health check.

Richard Millar, director of infrastructure at Scottish Canals, said: "As the Kelpies approach their third birthday, the maintenance work as part of this important health check will ensure that these global waterway icons are here, delivering for Scotland over the next century and beyond, continuing to capture the imaginations of people all over the planet and helping to put Falkirk and Grangemouth on tourists' must-see lists the world over."

Man in Kelpie mouth Image copyright PA
Man inspects Kelpie's head Image copyright PA

Mr Millar told BBC Radio Scotland the team of at least 15 people are using products including household cleaning fluids to ready the sculptures for the peak summer season.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland, he added that the work is expected to be completed within the next three weeks.

Men suspended from the Kelpies on wires Image copyright PA
Men on crane next to Kelpies Image copyright PA