'Martian' to be autopsied at Dundee University arts festival

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An illustration inspired by HG Wells' work War Of The Worlds

Dundee University is to undertake an "alien autopsy" to mark the 150th anniversary of HG Wells' birth.

Prof Sue Black will conduct the autopsy on a model of an alien based on Wells' vision of how intelligent life might have evolved on Mars.

The event will celebrate the author's work as part of Being Human 2016, a UK-wide humanities festival.

Wells, who wrote The Time Machine and The War Of The Worlds, is regarded as the father of science fiction.

HG Wells at 150: Hope and Fear will be one of many events taking place at more than 70 universities from 17 to 25 November this year.

'Fitting subject'

Dundee University last year became the first in the UK to offer a taught postgraduate degree in science fiction.

Dr Daniel Cook, a lecturer in English at the university, said Wells was chosen as the university's case study because his imagination "bridges the worlds of art and science".

His interest in science led him to become founder of what is now Diabetes UK, the organisation funding some of the research undertaken in Dundee.

Dr Cook added: "Today, the university has set an ambitious goal to transform lives through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge.

"In this regard, Wells is a fitting subject. His influence can be felt in popular culture - in music, video games, film and others - right through to today."

Other scheduled events include film screenings, exhibitions, walking tours and workshops.

A collection of short stories by award-winning artists, writers and members of the public will also be launched.

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