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Scottish curlers help with student's research project

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image captionIona Robertson is working with members of the men's British curling team from the 2014 Winter Olympics

High-profile Scottish curlers have been helping with a Dundee University student's research project.

Iona Robertson has been collecting data for a project examining the stresses placed on the knees of people playing the sport.

Miss Robertson has been working with members of the men's British curling team from the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Research sessions have taken place at the ice rink at The Peak sports village in Stirling.

Olympians David Murdoch, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow are among those taking part.

Miss Robertson asked the team members to deliver 12 stones, six from a flat foot slide position and six from a toe slide whilst wearing in-shoe pressure measurement insoles.

Miss Robertson, who is studying applied orthopaedic technology at Dundee University, is looking to understand and establish the difference in knee force when using both delivery techniques.

She has also been recording video of the curlers as they deliver each stone, allowing measurement of the knee angles of the player's during delivery.

The student is examining the theory that toe-sliding is more likely to cause knee injury when delivering curling stones.

Miss Robertson said: "Although the final results of the study are not complete yet, the data collected so far looks very promising in that the calculated joint forces in the knee are significantly higher for toe slides than flat-footed slides."

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