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The not-so-changing face of Oor Wullie on his 80th anniversary

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Media captionOor Wullie is often seen getting up to no good in the pages of The Sunday Post

Jings! Scotland's favourite "spiky-haired loon" Oor Wullie is celebrating his 80th anniversary - and looking good for it.

Image copyright DC Thomson

Wullie began running riot across the pages of the Sunday Post in March 1936, from the pen of Dudley Watkins - the brainchild of DC Thomson managing editor Robert Low.

Image copyright DC Thomson

Envisaged as "an ordinary little boy who the readers would identify with", he was never far from his best mates Fat Bob, Wee Eck and Soapy Joe.

Image copyright DC Thomson

And his escapades often brought him up against his nemesis PC Joe Murdoch.

Image copyright DC Thomson

Despite ageing well but changing little, in his dungarees and tackety boots, Wullie has kept up with the times.

Image copyright DC Thomson

But whether in trouble, or not, the classic image off Oor Wullie is sat on top of his upturned bucket.

Image copyright DC Thomson

David Powell, of the DC Thomson archive, believes Wullie "just connects with people and connects with Scottishness", especially through language.

Image copyright DC Thsomson

And language forms part of a statue in honour of the 80-year-old icon.

Image copyright Dougie Nicolson

The statue was unveiled this weekend in the home of DC Thomson, although the wee boy's appeal across Scotland is summed in the comic strips motto - Oor Wullie, Your Wullie, A'bodys Wullie.