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Alyth flood victims still not home

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Media captionVideo footage shows the flood waters in Alyth

Five months after a "massive surge" of water flooded a small Perthshire town many residents are still waiting to get back into their homes.

More than 100 properties were flooded in Alyth during heavy rain on 17 July 2015.

Some businesses in the town are still not back to normal and a handful of residents are facing Christmas in temporary accommodation.

Experts said the flooding was a one in 200-year event.

Water several feet deep flowed thought the town centre and some people were left stranded in their vehicles.

Fire crews helped evacuate many homes and a refuge centre was set up at Alyth Hall.

Alyth resident Darren Gracey said he had woken up as water began pouring into his ground floor flat, which is just a few metres from the town's burn which had burst its banks.

He told the BBC: "[The water] was halfway up the door, so I thought I can't open my door to get out because if I open my door it's all just going to flood in.

"It was really, really scary looking back now, thinking if we hadn't have woken up what could have happened."

Mr Gracey and his daughter Cameron lost almost everything in the flood and have not been able to move back in as the property is still being repaired.

"We're not getting back for Christmas and that's fair enough. We're sorted where we are just now, everything's fine," he added.

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Image caption Properties and cars were damaged by the flood water in Alyth

Fifty firefighters were sent to the town in the early stages of the flood as the water rushed through the streets, picking up cars.

One of them described the flood as "absolutely devastating" and a "massive surge of water".

But community leaders said residents had rallied around to help all those affected by the floods.

Amanda Blakeman, chairwoman of the community council, said: "Alyth has a wonderful vibrant community and within an hour or so of it starting the town hall was open, there were volunteers in making tea and coffee it was absolutely fantastic.

"The community is still supporting one another now."

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