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Former soldier Robert Moffat jailed over dog attack

A former soldier who stabbed his friend with a fork and ordered his dog to attack him has been jailed for five years.

Robert Moffat was also made the subject of a further two-year extended sentence after a court heard he had 16 previous convictions for violence.

His friend John Lamont was left scarred for life after the special forces veteran's dog bit him.

A jury at Perth Sheriff Court found the 51-year-old guilty.

Police officers discovered Mr Lamont covered in blood from the knees down after the dog clamped onto his legs at a flat in North Bridge Street, Crieff, on 23 May.

He told officers he had been drinking with Moffat - his sister's ex-boyfriend - when the former soldier made off-hand comments about his sister, sparking a row.

"He stabbed me with a fork. He went for my left eye. I was screaming at him to stop," Mr Lamont told the court.

"The dog was hanging off the back of my leg, it was sore. The fight ended when the dog went onto me. I was too busy trying to get the dog off my leg."

'Tearing flesh'

Mr Lamont, from Perth, spent a week in hospital and the court was told the dog had bitten him on the arm, foot, abdomen, and several times on both legs.

A dog behavioural expert told the jury that the dog's reaction would have been instinctive and that because it had attacked a person it should be put down for public safety reasons.

Sgt Samantha Greshon told the trial that she arrived at the scene to find the dog licking Mr Lamont's leg and tearing at a piece of flesh hanging off above his foot.

The jury found Moffat, from Crieff, guilty of assault.

Jailing him, Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said: "You are no stranger to crimes of violence. You have 16 previous convictions for crimes of violence."

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