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James Cowan and Allana Wood admit abducting 69-year-old

A couple have admitted carrying out a robbery in which a 69-year-old man was tied up in his own home.

James Cowan, his partner Allana Wood and an unnamed accomplice held William Moodie hostage at his house in Plean, Stirling before stealing cash from him and leaving him tied to a bed.

Mr Moodie was later able to free himself and drove to a police station.

Cowan, 39 and Wood, 32, admitted a charge of abduction and robbery at the High Court in Glasgow.

Cowan is the grandson of the late Mags Haney.

The pair - who are remanded in custody - will be sentenced next month.

The court heard how Mr Moodie had been in bed in the early hours of 6 June this year when he heard a noise in his house.

He then spotted a light on in a room and pretended he had a gun in the hope it would scare away the intruders.

Safety fear

He was soon confronted by Cowan, Wood and a third man. Cowan demanded to know where his money was before his accomplice grabbed a tin.

Mr Moodie - who lived alone - was suddenly punched in the face and next found Cowan and Wood looking through his drawers.

The court heard the victim was soon ordered to drive the trio to a cash machine to get more money.

Prosecutor Blair Speed said: "He complied with the demands as he was in fear of his safety."

Mr Moodie drove three miles to a cash machine where he was forced to hand over £350.

Cowan then drove them all back to Mr Moodie's house, where the OAP was ordered to lie on a bed.

Mr Speed said: "The unidentified male tied his ankles together with a scarf while Cowan tied his hands together with another scarf.

"Cowan then further tied his ankles together with shoelaces... The other male finally stuffed a pair of sock in his mouth to keep him quiet."

Previous convictions

All three then went on to rummage through the house filling carrier bags with goods including watches, jewellery and decanters.

The trio fled, but the court heard they were later seen on CCTV at about 04:40 clutching heavy plastic bags.

Their home in Plean was raided and some goods stolen from the crime were discovered.

Cowan - who has more 100 previous convictions - initially insisted he was innocent while Wood claimed she had never carried out a robbery. But, the duo went on to make "special knowledge admissions" linking them to the raid.

Ms Haney first came to prominence in the 1990s when she led an anti-paedophile campaign in the Raploch estate in Stirling.

It later emerged she and some family members were involved in crime, and she was forced out of the area.

The Haneys became known in the media as the "family from hell" following comments made about them in court by a Stirling sheriff.

Ms Haney died of cancer in 2013.

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