In pictures: Bannockburn Live battle event

image captionThousands of spectators turned up to watch a vivid re-enactment of battle scenes from the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
image captionThe event was held to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the historic Battle of Bannockburn.
image captionA soldier is put to the sword as battle raged around the historic site.
image captionThe re-enactment was performed by the group behind epic scenes in Hollywood blockbusters Gladiator and Robin Hood.
image captionA soldier on horseback approaches the enemy during the event.
image captionBrian Roy and son William from Larkhall arrive to watch the spectacle
image captionCombatants stood with swords at the ready as battle commenced.
image captionA study in concentration as one soldier awaits battle orders.
image caption"Robert the Bruce" made an appearance at the commemorative event to rally his troops.
image captionAn actress takes a breather with her dog as she prepares to take part in the re-enactment of the famous battle of 1314.
image captionAn actor plays dead on the battlefield, where Robert the Bruce defeated the forces of Edward II.
image captionTime for a cuppa: Actors take a break from their duties during the battle.
image caption"Dead and wounded" soldiers litter the fields during the Bannockburn Live event as spectators look on.

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