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Denny Wild West fanatic 'pulled six shooter' on workman

An armed police unit surrounded the home of a wild west fan after he pulled an imitation six-shooter on a workman.

Former cinema projectionist William Duff was sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work after a sheriff branded him a "drunken, stupid cowboy".

The 63-year-old was unhappy at plans to lift flooring in his council house, and when workman Gerry Coyne entered his den he brandished the imitation gun.

The heating expert believed the gun was real, and the police were called in.

A full armed response unit of nine police cars and two vans attended the house in Denny, Stirlingshire, following the incident on 30 August.

When Duff was arrested, he told officers: "I only told the man, 'Mr Colt says 'No'" - a reference to the Colt revolver.

'Shrine to fiction'

Defence solicitor Andy Bryson told Falkirk Sheriff Court that Duff's den was "festooned" with US flags, posters of westerns and country and western music, CDs and DVDs as well as a saddle, Red Indian head-dresses and models of western icons.

Two six-shooters and a rifle were on display.

He said: "Had Mr Duff done this in the street it would be a completely different set of circumstances. He's done this in a room which is obviously a shrine to a fiction.

"He didn't actually point the gun at Mr Coyne. He had it in his hand and he's effectively ranting about his opposition to having any work done in the house."

Mr Bryson added that the phrase "Mr Colt says 'No'" was something that married man Duff often said to Mrs Duff.

'Totally unacceptable'

Father of two Mr Coyne, 52, said he didn't know the gun was an imitation until the case came to court, and said he had needed counselling following the incident.

After he admitted breaching the peace, Sheriff William Gallacher told Duff his actions were "totally unacceptable".

He said: "Someone was doing his job and was confronted by someone that was annoyed, drunk, and presented a gun.

"I appreciate that you have an interest in a particular pastime, and that is fine, but it cannot impact on other people.

"Those who choose to have hobbies such as yours know that there are limits to how they should behave."

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