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Man tells of losing eye after attack at his Stirling home

A barber has described to a court how he lost an eye after being attacked by two strangers at his home in Stirling.

Jason Matulewicz, 39, said the men came to his home in Causewayhead Road on 4 June looking for his flatmate.

When the pair realized he was alone, Mr Matulewicz said they attacked him with a pipe or bar, causing him to fall and shatter his right eye.

Michael Hennessy, 25, and Thomas McCallum or Laird, 22, have denied the claim at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Mr Matulewicz said he heard a knocking at the back door of his home near Stirling's Wallace Monument.

He said two strangers asked for his flatmate then pushed their way into the house.

When he told them his flatmate Alex Hamilton was not at home, one of the men made to go into Mr Hamilton's room.

Mr Matulewicz said he put out a hand to stop him but was struck from behind.

'Completely blunt'

"After the first couple of blows, that is when I fell," he said.

The shorter of the two attackers hit him with something like a pipe or a bar and the taller assailant began punching him in the mouth. Mr Matulewicz said he fell on to a coffee table.

"My right eye was shattered," he told the High Court in Edinburgh.

The barber said he was almost blinded by blood but saw one of the men leave with an object from Mr Hamilton's room, which he later learned was a sword.

In hospital, doctors tried unsuccessfully to save the sight in Mr Matulewicz's eye.

The court heard that although they had lived at the same address for three years or more, Mr Matulewicz and Mr Hamilton had little to do with each other.

Mr Hamilton, 32, said he had paid £200 for the sword - a replica of a weapon used in a sci-fi film "Blade".

"It is completely blunt and wouldn't cut butter," he told the court.

He believed a man he knew as Tam had a grudge against him for refusing to sell him the sword.

Michael Hennessy and Thomas McCallum or Laird both deny assaulting Mr Matulewicz to his severe injury and permanent impairment on 4 June.

They also deny stealing a sword from the address in Causewayhead Road, which also houses Mr Matulewicz's barber shop.

The trial continues.

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