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Grangemouth police keen to trace model helicopter owner

image captionFootage the camera shows the helicopter was in operation by a man on the riverbank

Police in Grangemouth are trying to reunite a remote-control model helicopter with its owner.

The item was found on Friday 1 November at about 17:00 on the foreshore of the River Forth near Bo'ness.

The kit, thought to be worth a three-figure sum, contains a four-engined helicopter and an attached high-definition camera.

Police believe the operator lost radio contact with the device and may have thought it plunged in to the river.

The relatively-undamaged item has been put into secure storage at Grangemouth Police Station.

Chief Inspector Alan Waddell, of the Forth Valley Division of Police Scotland, said: "We have managed to examine some of the material on the camera and do not recognise the location as being in the Bo'ness area.

"It is possible it was being flown from much further upstream, or across the river from Fife, and after radio contact was lost the helicopter may have continued flying until it ran out of battery power.

"It appears to have been operated from a riverbank by a man, who was accompanied by a woman and a white 'Scottie' dog."

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