Tayside and Central Scotland

Speeding gardener keeps licence

A council gardener caught speeding at more than 100mph has been allowed to keep his licence - so he can use a sit-on lawnmower.

Graham Davies, from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, admitted speeding at 104.9 mph on his motorbike on a stretch of the A9 in Perthshire.

He told Perth's Justice of the Peace Court losing his driving licence would cause him great difficulty at work.

Justice of the Peace Eve Forrest imposed a £440 fine instead of a ban.

Davies, 46, also had five penalty points added to his licence.

Ms Forrest told Davies: "Under normal circumstances, for a speed of 104 I would be looking at a discretionary disqualification.

"Under normal circumstances I have to say I would be considering a period of disqualification. However, I will take into account your record and the fact you need your licence for your job."

Davies was caught overtaking an unmarked police car on the dual carriageway at Dalnaspidal on 16 May.

He told the court he was on a motorbike trip and said: "This speeding offence took place while I was on holiday with six friends. I had already covered over 1,000 miles.

"The traffic was light and I was on the inside lane of the dual carriageway when I came up behind a car. As the road was clear I decided to pull out and overtake on a slight downhill section.

"I was concentrating on the road. Having overtaken I realised my speed exceeded the limit. I accept I was driving over the speed limit and deeply regret my actions.

"I work as a council gardener. I have had a clean licence without points for 16 years. I have two children and a wife who depend on my wages.

"If you look at my job description, there are bits that depend on my driving licence. Normally, my daily work involves driving three or four people round in a Transit van.

"I and my crew sometimes mow the grass which relies on my licence as well. I could really do with hanging onto my driving licence. I drive every day."