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Five escape from city flats fires in Dundee

Five people were "lucky" to escape two separate flat fires in Dundee, the fire service has said.

Both the blazes were caused by clothes catching fire after being placed too close to electric bar heaters.

Tayside Fire and Rescue said two people were treated at the scene of the first fire in Elders Court at 05:30 on Sunday.

Three others escaped the second incident in Cunningham Street just an hour later.

They were also treated by firefighters and paramedics at the scene.

Tayside Fire's community safety manager Martin Tait said: "The occupants of both flats have been extremely lucky to escape relatively unscathed.

"In both incidents there were no working smoke alarms and therefore it was by luck more than anything that they were made aware of the fire."

Mr Tait said the flat in Elders Court had been fitted with a mains smoke detector, but it had been disabled.

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