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Cash machine error customers can keep bonus money

image captionPolice were called after shop staff noticed a large crowd gathering at the cash machine

Dozens of people who took advantage of a cash machine paying out double the requested amount will not have to return the extra money.

Bank Machine Ltd confirmed it would not pursue anyone for the cash and said it was up to an individual's "conscience".

Crowds gathered at the cash machine on Fintry Road, Dundee, on Thursday evening when rumours spread it was "spitting out" cash.

The company said they would not disclose the amount of money lost.

A Bank Machine Ltd spokeswoman said: "We are not going to pursue people. It is up to their conscience whether they return the money or not.

"If they wish to return the money, the helpline number to contact is on the ATM."

However, the spokeswoman said that no-one had called yet to return the money.

Large crowd

Managing director Ron Delnevo said earlier that the error had occurred because the cash cassettes had been packed incorrectly.

He added: "It is not surprising that this causes some excitement locally. Because it happens so rarely and is dealt with very quickly when it arises, there is no point in being grim-faced about it.

"If the people using the ATM see it as a bit of fun, so be it."

Police were called to the Scotmid store when staff noticed the growing crowd gathering outside the cash machine at the front of the shop.

A witness, who asked not to be named, said he estimated that about 50 or 60 people were queuing to use the machine at one point, with others running around with "smiles on their faces".

The ATM - which was not connected to the Scotmid store - was shut down shortly after the company was alerted to the problem.

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