Police officers stencil slogans on cell walls

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Police officers will paint the slogans on the walls of all custody cells

Officers at Central Scotland Police are painting slogans on cell walls in a bid to change criminals' behaviour.

Messages such as "No knives better lives" and "Drinking and driving wrecks lives" will be stencilled on all custody cells in the force area.

A police spokeswoman said the "high impact" slogans were designed to prompt people to consider their crimes.

The force also believes the messages will encourage people to seek help after they are released.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Gordon Samson said: "This may seem like a simplistic approach but it aims to promote direct messages about the crimes that we come across all too often.

Domestic abuse

"A person may spend only a short time in a cell, but it's still enough time for them to reflect on their actions and the impact those actions may have had on others.

"These messages are a constant reminder of why they are in police custody and we want them to see that by changing their behaviour, it's an experience they never have to repeat."

Other messages being stencilled in the cells are "Don't ruin a life by carrying a knife", "Drugs sell, police cell, prison cell" and "Respect: it's time to end abuse".

Central Scotland Police said one of the key areas it wanted to address through the slogans was domestic abuse, ahead of the launch of a campaign on the issue beginning on 25 November.

Det Con Nigel Thacker, from the domestic abuse proactive unit, said: "We appreciate that not everyone held in the cells will have been involved in domestic abuse, but the more people we can steer away from committing such a crime in the first place, the better."

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