Student jailed for Dundee feud stabbing

image captionPolice were called after the attack in the early hours of the moring

A knife attacker who stabbed a mother and son after a feud erupted into violence has been jailed for six years.

Andrew Alexander entered the family home and tried to murder 21-year-old Drew Sinclair before wounding his mother when she went to his aid.

During the assault Mr Sinclair was shouting to his mother for help and she ran into the room, grabbed Alexander and pulled him into another bedroom.

The 26-year-old admitted the attacks at Glenconnor Drive, Dundee, in July 2010.

Judge Lord Kinclaven told Alexander he would have faced an eight year jail term but for his earlier guilty pleas.

"Clearly there is no alternative to a custodial sentence. No other method of dealing with you is appropriate," he said.

He told Alexander at the High Court in Edinburgh that he accepted he had no criminal record for violence or weapons and his behaviour could be viewed as "uncharacteristic".

The judge also ordered that Alexander should be kept under supervision for a further two years because of the seriousness of the offending and to "provide a measure of protection for the public".

Advocate depute Alastair Carmichael said that for more than a year it appeared Mr Sinclair had told friends and family that Alexander was a "grass" who gave the police information about him smashing windows - and that this led to him being arrested and receiving a six-month prison sentence.

He said: "The accused took exception to this and in the latter part of 2009 and throughout the first half of 2010 the accused and the Sinclair family have been at odds."

Mr Carmichael said in the early hours of 1 July a downstairs window at the Sinclair home was left unlocked and Mr Sinclair woke up when he felt something going over his stomach.

"When he opened his eyes he saw the accused standing above him brandishing a large kitchen knife," said the advocate depute.

Alexander tried to stab him in the chest but the victim deflected the blow with his left arm where he received an injury.

Repeated strikes

The attacker made further bids to try and stab him in the chest and Mr Sinclair was struck glancing blows.

Alexander then grabbed each of his victim's legs one at a time and stabbed each limb, the court was told.

He also struck Linda Sinclair, 39 on the left side of her chest with a knife as she came to her son's aid.

Alexander, described as a prisoner in Perth, admitted attempting to murder Mr Sinclair by repeatedly striking him with a knife.

He also pled guilty to a reduced charge of assaulting the mother to her injury and permanent disfigurement. The Crown accepted that an allegation that he attempting to murder her should be deleted.

Defence solicitor advocate Chris Fyffe said student Alexander was "appalled and extremely ashamed" of his behaviour.

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