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Police hunt man after sneak theft

Thieves entered the Dundee home of an elderly woman while she was working in her garden and stole her purse, police have said.

The 80-year-old woman lost cash and bank cards in the theft at the house in Kinloch Terrace, Hilltown.

Tayside Police said the "sneak theft" happened between 1200 and 1230 BST on Monday.

Officers said they were keen to speak to a man aged between 40 and 50 in connection with the incident.

He is described as having a dark complexion, wearing a black jacket and trousers and speaking in a broken English accent.

The theft came as Tayside Police warned of an increase of similar incidents across Dundee.

Portable items

A total of 16 homes and 21 vehicles have been entered and property stolen in the past four weeks.

Crime prevention officer Colin Brough said: "Most of these thefts could easily have been avoided if the owners had just taken a little more care.

"In most of the cases, front or back doors, patio doors or windows have been left open or poorly secured.

"Easily portable items such as jewellery, cash, handbags and purses and items like laptops and games consoles have been the most commonly taken."

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