Otter killed in illegal crayfish net in Dalry

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Police said it was not the first time an otter had died in an illegal net in the area

A police investigation is under way after an otter was killed in an illegal crayfish net in southern Scotland.

The incident happened in the Water of Ken in Dalry, Dumfries and Galloway, at about 20:15 on Friday.

A fisherman discovered the otter trapped in a net which appeared to have been set to catch crayfish near the town's Ayr Road.

PC John Cowan said the setting of any unlicensed trap was "illegal and irresponsible".

"As we've seen in this sad case, it also puts other local wildlife at risk," he added.

"These nets are not designed in a manner to stop other animals from entering, becoming trapped and drowning.

"This is not the first time that a local otter has died in such a way."

Anyone with information has been asked to come forward.

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