Model shows triangular Caerlaverock Castle in 3D glory

Image source, HES

A 3D model has been created of a triangular Scottish castle described as "unique among British castles".

It is part of wider efforts to digitally document all of Historic Environment Scotland's sites and objects.

The Rae project - named in tribute to 19th Century explorer John Rae - is about 40% complete.

Caerlaverock Castle, in Dumfries and Galloway, is one of the latest sites to be added.

Image source, HES

HES has released the images to let people continue to enjoy the building's "pleasing geometry" during lockdown.

The castle has been described as the "epitome of the medieval stronghold".

Image source, AFP

It has also been a popular filming location and featured in The Decoy Bride starring David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald.

Records show a history of some form of castle on the site dating back to the early 13th Century.

A stronghold of the Maxwell family, it was besieged and captured on a number of occasions.

Its siege by Edward I of England in 1300 is commemorated in the contemporary poem, The Siege of Caerlaverock.

Image source, HES

It was captured in 1640 by the Covenanters after a protracted siege and subsequently abandoned as a lordly residence.

The castle is said to be one of the best-preserved 13th-century curtainwalled castles in Britain.

Image source, HES

The 3D model is part of the Rae project aiming to accurately document properties and collections across the country.

HES looks after more than 300 sites and they are being captured using laser scanners.

Drone imagery can also be added to create the end product like the ones produced at Caerlaverock.

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