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Dumfries man and Stranraer woman admit neglect of baby

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Image caption Daniel Cowan and Ailsa Findleton admitted failing to get urgent medical help for the baby

A man and a woman have admitted failing to get urgent medical help for a seven-month-old baby girl with a broken arm and wrist.

Daniel Cowan, 29, of Dumfries, and Ailsa Findleton, 28, of Stranraer, committed the offence in February 2018.

They admitted wilfully neglecting the child while in their care. The pair were cleared of attacking the baby.

Judge Lord Burns described it as a "very tragic case" and deferred sentence until later this month.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that on 9 February 2018 the child had been admitted to Galloway Community Hospital in Stranraer with breathing difficulties.

Before she was discharged the next day the baby girl was given a full examination and no marks or injuries were found.

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Image caption The child was admitted to Galloway Community Hospital with breathing difficulties

A few days later - on 14 February - the child was examined at Dumfries Infirmary by Dr Rajesh Jale who found a number of bruises.

Her arm was very swollen around the elbow and found to be fractured and dislocated.

Prosecutor Kath Harper said: "The right wrist was also fractured and the nail from one of her fingers was lifted out of the nail bed.

"Throughout the examination the child cried inconsolably."

Dr Salaheddin Gashout, who had discharged the baby on 10 February, said he was shocked at the change in her and said she seemed to be in "tremendous pain" and prescribed morphine.

'Seriously distressed'

The baby had to undergo surgery to try to realign the elbow.

Ms Harper said: "Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Dr Amanda Hawkins was of the opinion the injury would have been agony for the baby and she would have been upset and in great pain.

"Dr Hawkins said the fracture to the right elbow would have resulted in reduced movement and this would have been apparent to her carers."

Judge Lord Burns allowed Cowan, who works for an animal health organisation, and Findleton bail pending background reports.

He told them: "This is a very tragic case. The child must have been seriously distressed."

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